A note from our partner, Tanglewood Resort & Conference Center:

"Tanglewood is honored to partner with Gray Acres Country Weddings & Events, LLC.  We feel whether you’re already lucky enough to be a local or wise enough to make this Lake Texoma destination wedding absolutely, truly worth it, you have the chance to honor and celebrate your love at the most breathtaking wedding and event venue In North Texas.  


Gray Acres Country Weddings & Events has established for their guests preferred, discounted room rates in Tanglewood Resort’s newly remodeled spacious villas and cozy hotel rooms.  Transportation to and from the Resort can be arranged as well.


Our partnership provides the perfect 'marriage' of accommodations, amenities, and the most important aspect of this moment, the venue that assures lifelong memories on this special day of your life." - John Schwichtenberg

To visit the Tanglewood Resort & Conference Center website, please click here.